Tensions and Nego­ti­a­tions Occur­ring around Borders
Universitatea Ion Mincu
lect.dr.arh. Vera Marin
Assoc.Prof.PhD. Arch. Claudiu Runceanu
Facultatea de Urbanism

The main objec­tives of this course are to encourage interest and form abil­i­ties for applied research in urban design but also to be actively involved in events that are rele­vant to the profes­sional field of urban design and plan­ning. Thus, the methods are comple­menting the usual ones because there are no lectures or studio activ­i­ties, but the course is orga­nized as a compe­ti­tion with a call for presen­ta­tions or posters (on given templates) and also, the students are to partic­i­pate in various confer­ences, work­shops, or work as volun­teers in orga­nizing events in order to collect points that are recog­nized as the 2 ECTS for this disci­pline (based on a set of rules for recognition).

For the current acad­emic year, the call launched in the begin­ning of the semester included the topic of Border­line City next to the Compact City and Equipped City ones. The students were invited to choose one of these three topics and write a short resume (maximum 500 words) on a subject connected to that topic, prac­ticing the formu­la­tion of applied research ques­tions, iden­ti­fying solid refer­ences, but also proposing a case-study to be analyzed as well as one or two profes­sionals to be inter­viewed. It can be indi­vidual work or in teams of two students and the coop­er­a­tion with students from other univer­si­ties is strongly encour­aged. After selec­tion of resumes and a written feed-back on it, as well as recom­men­da­tions on profes­sionals who would be of help and willing to give an inter­view, students were invited to develop the presentation/​poster. They will be presented on 21st of February in a confer­ence like event (commu­ni­ca­tions session).

The topic of Border­line City was presented to the students on the basis of the Young Profes­sionals Shape the Future and the emphasis was placed not on the scale of phys­ical real­i­ties connected to the concept of limit/​border, but on the tensions and the needed nego­ti­a­tions occur­ring around borders. Also, there is a very good match between the peda­gog­ical objec­tives of this course that is meant to insure corre­la­tions among already acquired compe­tences in the previous 3 years of Bach­elor studies and the topic of Border­line City that requires approaches from different disciplines.