Update of the Leipzig Charter and dynamics of borders in urban planning

Process and Control
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Prof. Dr. Silke Weidner
Tihomir Viderman
Fachgebiet Stadtmanagement

Urban planning faces multifaceted challenges resulting from an increased pace of changes in urban life. These changes are largely shaped by the simultaneously unfolding and often contradictory processes of drawing and blurring of borders: in everyday life, through encounters with the known and unknown; in the management and planning of urban processes, such as zoning of urban areas in a tension between centre and fringe; or in political, social and economic moments related to the growing demands for more mobility and the right to difference. We have explored how planning discourses and practices have been intertwined with the processes shaping borders in urban space, by putting focus on the Leipzig Charter from 2007, as well as the structure, the building blocks and the draft text of the update of the Leipzig Charter, which is to be adopted in Leipzig in 2020 by the EU ministers responsible for urban matters.

Both the process of drafting and the contents of the two documents are analysed with the goal of establishing a dialectics between, on the one hand, the Leipzig Charter, including involved actors, processes and debates, and, on the other, scientific and conceptual challenges in urban planning. This allowed for a qualitative examination of the changes in the way concerns, approaches and guidelines are defined in urban planning, especially when it comes to articulating and blurring borders.