Dissolving and Establishing Tendencies in Urban Spaces

Inner Edges
TU Berlin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Million
Jürgen Höfler
Tim Nebert
Fachgebiet Städtebau und Siedlungswesen

The subject of the master project are borders of neigh­bour­hoods as highly dynamic places of nego­ti­a­tion processes in the urban envi­ron­ment. The dialectic and simul­taneity of tenden­cies of delim­i­ta­tion and new delim­i­ta­tion can be observed today espe­cially in urban space. On different scales, spaces are restruc­tured, attri­bu­tions are changed and fields of activity are adapted. In this context, borders are not under­stood as natural, but are subject to a progres­sive trans­for­ma­tion, are socially “produced”, “inscribed” into everyday space and polit­i­cally “imple­mented”.

The aim of the master project is to find a new way of dealing with neigh­bour­hoods and their borders in urban space, to rein­ter­pret them as a membrane in the city, to show new ways of adding value and to develop narra­tive-commu­nica­tive as well as design solu­tion scenarios on different scales. Neigh­bour­hoods as social units and the quarter as a spatial “setting” of these form the object of inves­ti­ga­tion and starting point of the joint discus­sion. Berlin is deci­sively shaped by small-scale poly­cen­tric devel­op­ment dynamics, and the aim is to clarify what holds neigh­bour­hoods together inside and sepa­rates them from the outside.